Premium 3 Stage Undersink Ultrafiltration System


$200.00 $130.00

Pure N Safe 3 Stage Household UF Ultrafiltration Water Purifier System


Premium Three Stage Ultrafiltration (0.01 micron filtration) System

UF membrane life 3-5 years with manual flush
complete installation fittings and faucet


3 Stage Ultrafiltration Water Filter
Outflow rate: 1.5L/min
Remove rate:99.99%
Total Flow:2000L

Pure N Safe 5 Stage Household UF Ultrafiltration Water Purifier System

Come with Stainless Steel Faucet and Pressure Reducing Valve and all fittings.

Product Description
Filtration System Description
Description  Function Details
5 Micron PP Sediment Filter 10" 5 micron PPF Filter the sand,dust, alga,suspended substance and colloid etc.
Granular Activated Carbon Filter 10" Remove the chlorine,odor,small outgrowth organic sediment etc.
Ultra Filter Membrane Hollow Fiber Remove bacteria,Virus, Corpuscule, other solute and chemical from tap water which is smaller than 0.01micron.


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