Pure n safe are specialists in all types of water filtration for residential, business and industrial properties.

We are based in Sydney but deliver to all of Australia.

Collectively our team has over 20 years experience in the water treatment industry. We only work with trusted suppliers of the highest quality, each of whom brings a wealth of knowledge to any questions you may have, in some cases acquired over generations.


Our new approach to diy systems allows you the customer to save hundreds of dollars in installation costs. Our products are very user friendly and with our customer service and diy channel you will get all the know how that you need, and in case you need us to install we also have a network of installers around Australia.

We believe that clean, purified water for drinking should be available to everyone at an affordable price. A good filter should not cost you thousands of dollars and pure n safe have created this website so you can enjoy the benefits of pure and safe water.

While Australia’s tap water is rated among the best public supplied water in the world, unfortunately it comes with contaminants Рsome added by the water companies, like chlorine and fluoride (in some areas) Рsome end up in your water as a result of local conditions, like nitrates or heavy metals.

While chlorine is good at killing bugs, it is not good for the human body (chlorine was originally developed for use as a nerve gas).

The most basic thing our filters can do for you is to remove chlorine from your drinking and bathing water. This alone can make a great difference to your health and feelings of well being.

Depending on your other needs we can also supply you with a wide range of highly effective solutions for removing many different contaminants from your water.


All the products we sell have undergone strict quality testing.

We source the world to bring you the best in filtration solutions for your home, office or industrial plant.