Home or Office Water Hot & Cold Water Dispenser


$399.00 $350.00

Standing Classic Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Suitable for homes and offices


Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

CABINET –Plastic and podwer coated steel frame and exterior panels

FAUCETS -2 faucets one cold and another hot

(switch off the hot water if you need room temperature water instead)

COLD TANK -SUS304 hygienic stainless steel tank

External copper coil evaporator

Insulated with expanded polystyrene

Adjustable cold water thermostat is factory preset


sealed compressor with automatic overload protector

Fan-cooled condenser with cooper tube and aluminum fins

Refrigerant HFC-134a is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube

Cold tank volume 3.5 Liters

Hot tank volume 1 Liter

Cooling Power consumption 100 Watt

Heating Power Consumption 550 Watt

Cold Water temperature 5-10℃

Hot Water temperature 85-95℃

Cold water capacity 2 liters/h

HotWater Capacity 5 liters/h

Power: 220-240 VAC, 50Hz

Packing Dimensions 99 x 33 x 33 cm

Weight 14 kg



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