Whole House and Rain Water with Manual Flush 1000 LPH


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Manual Flush Sediment Filter Water Filter

No Filter Cartridge to be Replaced


Model number :  PNS-PRF-01 : 
Manual Flushing Sediment Filter water purification for water treatment systems
Water filter  .Water purification . Pre-filtration .
Water Treatment machine :

Products Applications :

The filter is designed to be plumbed into a home's incoming water supply pipe , where it will reduce sand , grit, debris ,pipe scale and other loose particulate matter from the water and periodically flush them down the drain . It can be used as a pre-filter for the center water filter and softener .

Products Characteristics :

PNS-PRF-1  ( Pre- Water Purification )
Flow rate
1 m3/h
Working pressure
0.1-0.6 Mpa
Inlet & Outlet
Water Capacity
Depend on the inlet water pressure
Working Temperature
5-45 degrees Celsius
Size of filter mesh
40-90 micron
Packing Size
15 × 8 × 20 cm
House, Villa, Office, Cafe, Restaurant, rain water tank


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