Undersink Chilled and Boiling Unit with Touch Panel Tap


Office and Home

Undersink Chilled and Boiling Water Dispenser



* LCD Temperature Display : Display current water temperature

* Re-Boil : Touch the button to automatically boil again to reach 100 degree C.

* Child Safety Lock : Release the lock before get hot water, prevent accident from being scald.

* Power Saving Setting : Eco-friendly design, set the unit at sleeping mode when leave office

* Continuous Flow: Touch the button once will continuously dispense water for 50 seconds, If hold the button, the water will stop when button is released.


Model No.: TPHC-689
Type: Under Counter model
Faucet Touch Panel Tap
Temperature chilled / Hot Water
Case Material Front cover: S.S.#304
Power Rating Hot Water: 750watt
Chilled Water : 100watt
Tank Capacity Hot Water : 4L
Chilled Water : 2.2L
Temperature Hot Water : 85~100 degree C
Chilled Water : 6~12 degree C
Power 110v / 220v / 240v available
RO System Without 5 stage RO or filter system
Safety Design overload circuit breaker, fuse
Dimension D 290mm x W 460mm x H 420mm



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